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Zulai Adam

oleh Zulai Adam dalam Dasar, 20 Maret 2019, 06:21 AM

Indeed is great privileges and the luckliest to be part of eqwip hubs training.
Even though i have a business ideas at mind, i didnt know how, where to start until i finally landed at eqwip hubs ghana, kumasi precisely.
Eqwip hubs has really equipped me with the needed skills and the ablities to start something on my own, i have increase my self confidence, improve my self with communication skills, i can now communicate effectively, can work with a team and cooperate with them well for effective

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Zulai Adam

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my name is zulai Adam. iam a very hard working person, who is able to work with little or no supervision. iam a fast learner, able to take risk. iam also well determine individual and a team player who is more creative
I have a lot of business ideas at mind which if I get the chance I Will impact it to the youth.