Lihat semua

The clarity of life .

oleh FELIX APPIAH NYARKO, 25 November 2018, 03:21 PM

Even though I knew I had greatness in me ,even though I knew I was born to make a change around me for the people around me ,I didn't know where to start as I saw this as a burden and an overwhelming task that weighed me down every day. Not knowing how to help all these people around me kept eating away at me piece by piece until I chanced on Eqwiphubs. Eqwiphubs was the clarity I needed ,the closure on how to start to make a difference and how to maintain that difference. I started foundational in Kumasi and was hooked , couldn't miss a class even if I wanted to . Class on each module me feel like I knew less and less but by the end I learnt way more than I expected. I was also privileged for an all expenses trip paid to the 2nd Annual African youth SDGS summit I'm Accra which was an even better experience. Thank you eqwiphubs thanks to my facilitator Patricia (Kumasi hub)for making learning fun . You rock . Thanks Eqwiphubs.



Mengenai Saya

I am a graduate with a Techsolutions company called Trisolace . I set it up to help youth get work and I also teach them house to code and other Tech training. I am currently looking for funding to expand my snails, mushrooms,potato and vegetables farms. All in the bid to employ the youth in my community and keep the quality of the environment and enrich the life's of the community folks.