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Stories from EQWIP HUBs Kumasi

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Zulai Adam

  • Author Zulai Adam
  • Publication Date March 20, 2019

Indeed is great privileges and the luckliest to be part of eqwip hubs training. Even though i have a business ideas at mind, i didnt know how, where to start until i finally landed at eqwip hubs ghana, kumasi precisely. Eqwip hubs has really equipped me with the needed skills and the ablities to start something on my own, i have increase my self confidence, improve my self with communication skills,...

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The clarity of life .

  • Publication Date November 25, 2018

Even though I knew I had greatness in me ,even though I knew I was born to make a change around me for the people around me ,I didn't know where to start as I saw this as a burden and an overwhelming task that weighed me down every day. Not knowing how to help all these people around me kept eating away at me piece by piece until I chanced on Eqwiphubs. Eqwiphubs was the clarity I needed ,the closure...

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